Tapestries® Memory Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support in Sussex County, NJ

Tapestries® Memory Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Support in Sussex County, NJ

As an organization that has served seniors for over a century, the Tapestries Memory Care neighborhood at Bristol Glen in Newton is a recognized center of excellence for the care of those living with all forms of dementia. Dementia takes a toll both emotionally and physically on families who may not be well equipped to handle the increasing level of care required by their loved one. Tapestries Memory Care, designed to benefit both residents and their families, delivers the most life-enriching and sound care possible.

Our care model allows memory care residents to engage in lifestyle habits that feel natural to them, thus “self-directing” their own lives. They do not have to adhere to what others prescribe or set timetables and schedules. This strategic care model is supported by associates of United Methodist Communities trained in the latest Alzheimer’s and dementia care methods and our deep experience.

To make this happen, associates are available around-the-clock, every day to assist each resident with daily tasks and engage them in socialization opportunities with other memory care residents. To experience the nurturing and compassionate environment of Bristol Glen and our specialized memory care neighborhood, schedule a tour today. You might come to find that Tapestries looks and feels like your loved one’s next home.

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The importance of early detection

Families may notice signs of dementia years before the disease progresses to a point that their loved one cannot take care of themselves. Early detection and active treatment is crucial in managing dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Making the decision to trust the care of your loved one to an experienced memory care team in a safe, active community is often the best option for everyone.

Consult the Tapestries Memory Care team at Bristol Glen if your loved one shows the following signs consistently:

  • Difficulty performing daily tasks like cleaning up
  • Using their native language incorrectly
  • Significant memory loss that is beyond normal forgetfulness
  • Confusion with time and place and inability to recall the date 
  • Decision making that is out of character
  • Misplacing objects or placing them in unusual locations
  • Noticeable changes in mood, behavior or overall personality
  • Lack of attention and motivation to maintain personal hygiene

While there is no cure for dementia related illness, the specially trained teams at Bristol Glen maximize your loved one’s quality of life.

Tapestries Memory Care residents in Sussex County will have complete access to:

  • Life Enrichment Team Specialists (LETS) that build personal relationships with each resident and their family
  • 24-hour care and assistance with daily tasks of living
  • Advanced wander management technology
  • Cognitive exercises and activities
  • Flexible meal and sleep schedules
  • Socialization opportunities with other memory care residents
  • Beautiful private apartments

More About Our Life Enrichment Team Specialists (LETS)

Tapestries employs certified associates, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, specifically trained in caring for those with various neurocognitive disorders and related dementias. Associates receive extensive training as dementia care specialists, or as we’d like to call them, Life Enrichment Team Specialists (LETS), as an ongoing UMC initiative.

LETS build personal relationships to know each resident including extended family members. They become familiar with each resident’s medical history, daily routines and preferences; thus anticipating their needs at all times. Our specialists empower resident independence by inviting them to participate in activities they enjoy to help strengthen and maintain their cognitive abilities. Observing these activities helps our specialists better understand the individual dementia progression of each resident.

LETS allow every resident to take the lead in their own life. This means residents can choose to engage in daily tasks that make sense to them, on their own time. For instance, residents can eat lunch at 5pm or wake up when they are ready to at 12 noon. There is no set schedule in place to confuse, irritate or upset them. Memory care is flexible to their wants and needs – which makes all the difference in their quality of life.

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