Assisted Living Costs At Bristol Glen of Newton NJ

Bristol Glen is a continuing care retirement community, more commonly known as a CCRC. CCRCs offer maintenance-free living centered around staying active and independent. The focus on healthy aging appeals to those who want a community offering an active lifestyle while knowing multiple levels of care are available should the need ever arise. The “buy in” pricing model for independent living is a legacy preservation option and offers a discounted skilled nursing rate for residents with some plans.

Bristol Glen offers offer independent living, residential living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing and rehabilitation all under one roof. Your monthly fee includes your apartment, meals, housekeeping, maintenance, utilities, activities, security and socialization.

 Listen to Bristol Glen resident Jane Hasenbalg talk about her experience living here

Independent Living

We offer traditional and 0% entrance fee plans along with 50% and 90% refundable entrance fee plans. Traditional entrance fees start at $116,490, 50% refundable entrance fees start at $172,591, and 90% refundable entrance fees start at $226,490. Monthly fees start at $2,488 on the Traditional plan, $4,470 on the 0% refundable plan, $2,817 on the 50% refundable plan, and $3,317 on the 90% refundable plan. Please call for more details and to schedule an appointment.

Assisted Living, Memory Support and Skilled Nursing

Assisted living monthly fees start at $5,937. Additional fees for assisted living services are based on an assessment of your needs. The daily rate for our Tapestries memory support residence is $343.00. 


Call or contact us today for skilled nursing rates and to schedule an appointment.