Independent Living (CCRC) at Bristol Glen

Independent Living describes the type of living that can be found at a Continuing BG croppedCare Retirement Community (CCRC). These communities combine an independent living lifestyle with access to assisted living services, skilled nursing and social services. They are usually set up similar to college campuses.  Residents can move into increasing levels of assistance (as needed) often without changing their address. NJ State certified CCRC communities also offer flexible financial options including programs that allow for a refundable equity payment and a lifetime care guarantee. The Bristol Glen Community in Newton ,NJ offers such a program.

The Benefits of Independent Living for Seniors

One of the most common reasons that seniors transition from their own homes to Bristol Glen independent living is the freedom gained. For some seniors, the responsibility of maintaining a home, its contents and the grounds can become costly and burdensome. Downsizing eliminates the ongoing taxes, utility and maintenance costs associated with home ownership. It minimizes personal chores and errands, maximizing and allowing time to pursue other long-delayed interests and desires and to take advantage of the many on campus programs for residents. Additionally, the opportunity to make new friends becomes harder as we age, but communities like Bristol Glen make it easy.

CCRC “Independent Living”

The best feature of CCRC living at Bristol Glen is the upscale, condo-like arrangement coupled with the opportunity to maintain  independence, privacy and dignity.Independent Apartment - Bedroom

And yet, a CCRC offers abundant opportunities for social interaction, day trips, exercise, clubs, and entertainment.  All of which residents are free to participate in…. or not.

For a complete listing of onsite amenities, see our Bristol Glen Amenities page.

CCRC Safety & Security

Safety and security is provided in all of our senior communities. In the basic sense it means protecting access to the community and its residents. It also means insuring that their needs are met and emergencies are discovered and responded to in a timely fashion.

Loved ones can rest easier knowing we provide multi-level assisted living, memory support residences, and a skilled nursing staff present 24/7. This is the peace-of-mind that comes with the Bristol Glen CCRC.

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